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Caitlin Jane Bio

Singer, speaker, and writer, Caitlin Jane, has a rare presence—offering not only amazing gifts of poetic songwriting and performance on the music stage, but delivering with these a consistent and authentic message of hope in a broken world. With piano-driven tunes and powerful, rich vocals, her heart-felt faith is interwoven through each one of her songs. “The emotion in her music and depth of her lyrics make Caitlin Jane one of the most gripping Christian artists today,” commented Ray Ruddy (President, Gerard Health Foundation/Life Prizes). Touring nationally and internationally, Caitlin Jane inspires audiences with her radiant spirit and contagious joy, on and off stage, and has opened for renowned artists including Todd Agnew and BarlowGirl. She has performed at a wide variety of venues—churches, conferences, universities, and music festivals (Creation East), and was honored to be the recipient of the 2016 Kindred Award for Female Contemporary Artist of the Year. For Caitlin, music is an opportunity to praise and glorify her Savior, and in so doing, she enjoys leading worship for women’s retreats and youth events. One of her greatest passions is using her platform to speak on behalf of those who have no voice, defending the dignity of each human life and cherishing the fact that we are all created uniquely in the image of God.

With three CDs released to date, each one of her albums has emerged from a deeply personal faith and an array of life’s experiences. Caitlin Jane’s stirring debut EP, Ashes into Beauty, produced by Alfonso DiGirolamo III (Gold Record Producer), launched her into the music scene in 2007. Her sophomore album, Coming Season, was produced by Glenn Barratt (two-time Grammy Award Winner) and unlocked an even greater maturity in her songwriting and vocal ability. Hallelujah: A Collection of Hymns is her most recent CD, which was inspired by the timeless hymns that helped carry Caitlin through an unexpected and life-threatening medical journey.

In June 2014, Caitlin Jane was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was considered inoperable by many of the most renowned neurosurgeons in the U.S.. However, it was a series of providential events and her connection with the filmmaker and actor, best known for his role of Jesus in several films, Bruce Marchiano (The Gospel According to Matthew, Alison’s Choice), which led her to the only surgeon in the country who could safely remove the tumor and restore her to a healthy life. The following year, in February 2015, she underwent life-saving endoscopic brain surgery in Los Angeles, California. The tumor posed serious risks to her critical nerves and brain stem, but by God’s healing grace she is able to walk, talk, sing, hear, and see today.

Just two months after surgery, when she was turning a corner in her recovery, Caitlin’s soon-to-be fiancé, and now husband, Jamie, was diagnosed with cancer. All they could do was trust the Lord with complete abandon and faith, once again placing their lives and future in His sovereign hands. Jamie finished his chemo treatment just five days before their September 2015 wedding, and the couple remains truly in awe of the many miracles God has granted along their journey. Caitlin and Jamie are now experiencing the tremendous joys of parenthood! “We’ve learned to live on purpose, to take no day for granted, and to immerse ourselves in daily prayer—lessons I don’t ever want to forget,” Caitlin reflects. Her single, “Beautiful Mess” (2016), depicts through song their story of faith and courage…holding onto hope when all seemed hopeless, and seeing beauty in the midst of life’s chaos and mess.

In addition to Caitlin Jane’s three albums, she has two visually stunning, award-winning music videos. The internationally reaching “Unborn,” produced by Glenn Elliott (Cord3 Films), won Gold at the 2010 WEVA Awards. This music video and its accompanying Unborn: Please Keep Me DVD share a powerful, yet gentle and grace-filled narrative, celebrating the sanctity of life. “Unborn” has been instrumental in helping save countless little ones’ lives, and the DVD has been effective in many pregnancy resource centers’ counseling and outreach ministries throughout the nation. Equally inspiring, the whimsical “Sing Over Us” music video, produced by James Knightly and Jessica DiCicco, portrays the special relationship between a sponsor and child through Compassion International’s ministry. Caitlin wrote the song while in the Dominican Republic after meeting one of her sponsor children, Wanda. Using her bold and beautiful voice, she champions the cause of those who are voiceless to help release children around the world from poverty in Jesus’ name. “Sing Over Us” won 2nd place for Best Music Video at the International Christian Film Festival in 2015.

Caitlin Jane has poured herself into pro-life advocacy for the past decade, speaking and singing at numerous events to defend the precious lives of the unborn (including singing at the National March for Life in Washington D.C.). Communicating truth with love and grace, she helps open once-hardened hearts to see the sanctity of life through song, film, and personal testimony. She has used music as an outreach to inner city rescue missions and homeless shelters, and has done concerts overseas with Made In Hope, an organization that liberates women and children out of the darkness of human trafficking into freedom and new life.

“If I want to be authentic, then Christ must be at the center of everything I do. I pray I never compromise on this,” Caitlin Jane shares. “I want to praise God, who has captured my heart, with every breath I take.” The great Russian novelist, Dostoevsky, penned the simple, yet profound statement, “Beauty will save the world.” This has embodied the very essence of Caitlin Jane’s mission—using the beautiful things in music, media and art to worship Jesus Christ, while conveying eternal truth and honoring the value of every human life.